Chinese New Year Holiday - Shipping Delays


As many of you are aware, Chinese New Year is right around the corner! Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is the most important holiday observed in China for cultural and historical reasons. Spring Festival indicates the beginning of Spring, and the start of a new year, according to the Chinese lunar calendar.
Chinese supply chain and shipping will be interrupted during this time.  Our goal is to make this impact as minimal as possible for our guests. We have provided a list of dates and how to identify if your order will be affected below to help minimize guest concerns with expecting their orders. 
Important dates to remember:
  • January 14th: 4% of all China products may start to experience a pause on shipping. 
  • January 20th: Another 8% of all China products will pause shipping.
  • January 24th: Another 10% of all China products will pause shipping.
  • January 31st - February 7th: No processing or shipping on China orders.
  • February 8th - February 12th: China orders will resume processing and shipping, but may experience some delay due to order backlog.
  • February 13th: China orders will resume their normal processing and shipping time.

What does this mean for our guests?

US Products
US products will NOT be affected by the holiday, and the usual 5-10 business day delivery promise stands. Moreover, we are expanding our USA selections during the Chinese New Year holiday, so you have plenty to of options!
China Products
All China products will remain listed during this time, but we are releasing new features within the next week to help you easily identify items affected by interrupted shipping. 
New Features 
  • Affected products will have delay information in the product tags on each product detail page. Shipping delays will be included as a tag in each product page, as well as if the product will be shipped from our US warehouse. The screenshot below shows a preview on how to determine how your order will arrive in conjunction with the delay time frames

Shipping and logistics affected by holidays are some of the obstacles that face all eCommerce businesses, but with these guidelines in place, we hope to ease any frustration our customers could encounter so that their shopping experience with us is top notch.

Until next time, Loves, and as always, stay safe.

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