Looking Ahead! - Spring & Summer 2022

Hello, again Love.

What an incredible year 2021 has been, and it wouldn't have been possible without all of you!! We look forward to growing with you and are excited for all the new things to come in 2022. 

This will be our last blog post of the year, and we wanted to finish it off by looking forward to 2022 and the adorable spring/summer trends you will see everywhere! No matter what your style is, you can easily find styles that match these trends and take advantage of their popularity.


2022 Spring/Summer Color Trends


These are the standout colors predicted by Pantone Color Institute, published for the fashion industry, for the upcoming 2022 Spring/Summer seasons. The bottom five colors are what they call "core classics", because of their versatility to be worn during any season. 

Traditionally in the past, we have always associated spring/summer with pastels and neon, whereas, fall/winter has always been associated with darker tones. However, during these last few seasons, we have seen the fashion industry divert from this normal, with a few lighter and brighter colors trending this fall/winter, conversely, we have seen some darker tones trending, such as Skydiver, Coca Mocha, and Harbor Blue, for the upcoming spring/summer season.

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Preppy Style

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Recently, we are sure that you have noticed that 'Preppy Style' has been a trend for several seasons now!! People are loving this trend and it looks like it's still going to be big for this upcoming year! Prepare to see even more tennis skirts, sweater vests, blazers, collared shirts, and polos all over your socials.


Mini Skirts

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Skirts are always a must-have during the warmer months, but trends are always specific with skirt length. Mini skirts have been seen all over the runway from Prada to Dior, including micro-mini skirts! We will always remember our English teacher telling us, "A report should be like a mini skirt--short enough to be interesting but long enough to cover the subject."


Crochets & Knits

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These pieces are screaming for a nice vacation getaway. With 70's fashion still very much on-trend, crochet items are a great way for our guests to revamp their wardrobe with beautiful spring colors and whimsical textures!


Things that Shine

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Like Rihanna's song, everyone will be "shin[ing] bright like a diamond" this spring and summer!  All that shines isn't just for New Year's Eve, as we are seeing everything sparkly from dresses to pants. Perfect for our customers that want to stand out and make a statement!



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The events of 2020 changed our lives and lifestyles in many ways, including our fashion. With people spending more time at home than ever before, we were drawn to clothing that offered comfortability. The fashion industry still remains impacted by this change, with oversized clothing still on-trend in 2022!


Sheer Clothing

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As mentioned, 2020 impacted the fashion industry and influenced the current trends we are seeing now. On the opposite end of the spectrum of oversized clothing, we have also been seeing huge popularity with the "nude illusion." After living in loungewear and comfy clothes, many people want to break out of their shells and experiment with their style now more than ever.


These are just a few of the top trends seen all over the runway and an idea of what to expect for the next season. Remember to check new arrivals every Monday - Friday, as more and more spring items are making an appearance!

Until next time, Loves, and as always, stay safe. 

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