Shipping Updates! - Things We Don't Love To See, But You Need to Know

Hello, Love.


We are writing you guys today with full transparency about upcoming changes to our h+f shipping policy.

Starting mid-July we will begin the shift from our low flat rate shipping of $4.99 to $7.99. This comes at an unfortunate time from the current world we live in from inflation to shipping costs being raised. 

Luckily, our shipping time frame for our guests to receive their orders remains the same of receiving in 3-5 business days from purchase. 

We are also super excited to announce that we will NOT  be increasing our prices drastically to combat the inflation. One of our missions is to provide quality clothing and services to our guests without breaking the bank. 



How will we combat these unavoidable changes?


First of all, as we mentioned above, we will NOT be drastically raising the prices of our clothing to combat the inflation. You may see a small raise (less than $5 per item - if at all) in each piece that is listed on our website. We believe in providing quality clothing without breaking the bank. 

Secondly, we are planning on rolling out a "Combine Order" feature on our customer service side to help cut down on shipping costs for our customer. For example, if a guest orders one piece and then a few hours later orders more, we will combine these orders and save the guest on shipping out multiple orders. More to come on this roll out towards the end of July. 

Lastly, our shipping time frames are aligned against big competitors such as SHEIN, American Eagle, and more. With shipping speed being narrowed down to 3-5 business days and rates being raised by USPS and FEDEX, we have had to be competitive in our shipping rates against other companies without going overboard. 


Other boutiques I shop for have free shipping as an option. Are we going to expect free shipping to go away?


Not to worry guys! We will still have our free shipping option available. Again, we are not raising the pricing on this to meet a higher threshold to be eligible to free shipping. 

Our vendors advised us to prepare to move to different pricing tier based on weight vs a flat rate, however, we do not believe that a business should nickel and dime you just to stay in business. Our guests and customers are what make us who we are and those that have stood beside us to grow into something bigger each day. We do not want to take that away from you guys and your loyalty to our brand. 

We stand with our guests and loyal customers. While the world may be in turmoil and constant chaos, we want to remain true with our customers and provide consistent and quality experiences that last for years.

Until next time loves - stay safe, happy and healthy. 




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