Worth The Wait - Shipping & Product Information

Worth The Wait
These products have been curated to help bring diversity and a competitive edge amongst other boutiques and businesses. This means lower price points, a wider variety of styles, and even a little something that you won't find in other boutique businesses across the nation.
Where do the products come from?
Worth The Wait products arrive to our US warehouses after departing from our sister warehouses from overseas. Once these pieces pass customs and inspection from our US quality teams, we send them out via USPS or Fedex straight to your door. Since these pieces do arrive from overseas versus shipping straight from our warehouses, they do have a longer shipping time.
What about sizing and quality?
Sizing will be true to size in most of the pieces, but can run smaller depending on the fits (drop shoulder, oversized, etc.) Our sister team manufactures these in house overseas and must pass two quality checks before arriving on your doorsteps - one overseas and one stateside. 
SHEIN & Fashion Nova vs Worth The Wait
We source Worth The Wait products from multiple manufacturers and in turn every manufacturer has multiple sales channels. Our overseas team has very high-quality standards for our manufacturing (safer working conditions, pollution control, defect levels, etc.)
With that being said, some of factories may also supply for SHEIN. However, we do not us all the same ones they use due to these standards. Due to very low gateways of SHEIN (child labor scandals, working conditions, etc.), our production is not the same for these products.
You may also ask yourself, why am I seeing these products on SHEIN. We use vendor stock photos supplied by the vendors through the proper channels (legal and non). With that being said, anyone who uses the same channels, but not the same manufacturers may carry the images as well. Some manufactures steal (copyright infringement) these photos as well and create replicas without undergoing the proper channels. When this happens, typically the customer receives that item and it is nowhere near what they originally ordered or was pictured. Our Worth The Wait Products do not cut corners and have the highest standard of quality - what you see is what you get! 
If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of our web assist team: support@honeyfigboutique.com